Sygnum Bank is now independent Data Transmitter for ubinetic’s Oracle service

Sygnum Bank is pleased to announce that it has joined ubinetic’s oracle service as an independent Data Transmitter. ubinetic’s oracles provide smart contract developers with real-world data that can be used by decentralised applications, enabling the development of autonomous smart contracts that are executed in real-time, based on market conditions. As an independent Data Transmitter, Sygnum ensures this data is accurate and trusted.

ubinetic’s oracle application fetches prices from liquid markets, checks whether the source data is accurate, timely and complete, and signs the data to ensure that manipulation can be detected. Trusted digital asset experts such as Sygnum Bank act as Data Transmitters, running the application independently and confirming that the collected data corresponds to the data provided by the data source. For more information, read ubinetic’s medium blog post here.

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