Swisscom joins ubinetic’s oracle service as Data Transmitter

Zug, 11 August 2021 — We are happy to announce that Swisscom (Schweiz) AG is joining ubinetic’s oracle service as an independent Data Transmitter. As such, Swisscom will ensure that market data for oracles are independently delivered to decentralized applications.

In May 2021, the Zug based company ubinetic announced the launch of new, open-source oracles that leverage Android’s key attestation and built-in hardware security modules to create a verifiable trusted execution environment. ubinetic’s oracle application fetches prices from liquid markets, checks whether the source data is accurate, timely and complete and signs the data to ensure that manipulation can be detected. To ensure that the application is run independently, so-called Data Transmitter run the mobile devices. For more information, read ubinetic’s medium blog post here.

Aetienne Sardon, FinTech Innovation Manager at Swisscom says:
“As Swisscom we want to enable the development of better financial services and products. And projects like Ubinetic show the tremendous innovation potential that is unfolding in DeFi right now. We’re excited to be part of this transformation and look forward to contributing to the growth of the DeFi ecosystem.”

Werner Brönnimann, ubinetic co-founder added:
“We are excited to see that Swisscom joins the ubinetic oracle as a Data Transmitter. Swisscom is leading digital transformation in Switzerland with its technical- and operational excellence and we share the mission to deliver highly secure blockchain infrastructure. Our oracle services are built with Tezos smart contracts and use battle-tested technology from Google and Android. Considering both, Swisscom is a perfect fit!”

More information is available on the ubinetic website.

About Swisscom
Swisscom (Schweiz) AG is the leading provider of communication, IT and entertainment in Switzerland. Outside of Switzerland, Swisscom operates Fastweb in Italy. Swisscom has more than 19,000 employees and is one of the most innovative and sustainable companies in Switzerland.

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About ubinetic
ubinetic enables you to create your bespoke synthetic asset. We believe that these synthetic assets are cost-efficient and transparent. We build open-source software that allows you to create, store and manage your synthetic assets and data. To bring our vision to life, we kick-started youves, a decentralised, non-custodial and self-governing platform for the creation of synthetic assets.

Enables you to create your bespoke synthetic asset

Enables you to create your bespoke synthetic asset